Bringing Objective Measurement to Behavioral Health


Future Life is developing Face2Face™ a software platform for advanced mental health evaluation and treatment.


Face2Face™ analyzes facial microexpressions of emotion (FMEEs) in order to more accurately assess mental health.  Our initial focus will address Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Preliminary findings suggest that Face2Face™ raises the accuracy in uncovering PTSD to 80+% (versus 40% rate as reported by the VA).

Veterans Seeking Treatment

Face2Face™ can be used in office (as shown) or anywhere across the nation through Telehealth. Telehealth is a new and rapidly-growing industry that enables clinicians to interact with their patients over great distances and provide services to those who would otherwise not have access. This allows patients to get the care they need from the comfort of home or anywhere with an internet connection. Telehealth improves accessibility and reduces the cost of patient treatment which is desperately needed to help reintegrate our combat veterans into modern lifestyle.


Face2Face™ automatically analyzes the patient's facial expressions and applies this data to specially designed algorithms, watching for signs of PTSD and other mental illnesses. By recording and analyzing the patient's emotional response in real time as well as incorporating data from past sessions, the software will be able to detect patients in crisis before their situation deteriorates.

Mental & Behavioral Health Applications


In addition to PTSD and other traumas (sexual assault, urban trauma, first response), there are a wide range of applications that Face2Face™ has the potential to address.


The future Face2Face™ product portfolio will include, but are not limited to:


Face2Face™ Public Safety/Homeland Security: Criminal Investigation and Intelligence

Face2Face™ Recovery: Early Recovery from Substance Abuse. Identify those at high risk of relapse to trigger additional care

Face2Face™ Human Capital: Recruitment, Personnel Management, Organizational Development

Face2Face™ Education: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Face2Face™ Education: IEPs and Learning Disability

Face2Face™ Education: Conduct Disorders


Future Life Clinical Roadmap

Clinical Trials and Proof-of-Concept Studies


Academic Studies with American University, Department of Psychology, Emotions Lab

Study #1: Initiated February 2018 and ongoing.Evaluation of Emotional Reactivity and Accuracy of Emotional Responses to Standardized Interpersonal Stimuli in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder using the Face2Face™ emotional analysis system.

─ Interpersonal Emotion Lab with Dr. Nathaniel Herr

American University Interpersonal Emotions Lab Interim Findings: 

Future Life Inc. is currently working with the Interpersonal Emotions Lab at American University in Washington D.C. (under Dr Nathaniel Herr) on a spider phobia study to test the hypothesis that FMEEs can detect the differences between subjects who aren’t fearful; subjects who are afraid; subjects who are trying to hide their fear; and subjects pretending to be afraid. This work has clinical implications for disorders like PTSD where many patients attempt to conceal their problem, or alternatively, pretend to have a problem for financial gain. The interim findings from this study are presented below as a graph, and corresponding chart, accompanied by the illustration, “The Faces of Fear”. Face2Face™ can differentiate between natural and fake fear as well as between natural fearlessness and false fearlessness at the p<.001 level of significance.


AU Using Facial Microexpressions to Detect Deception in the Expression of Fear




Responsive image


Difference between Natural and Fake Fear – Chi Square = 11.57 p<.001    

Difference between Unafraid and Hidden Fear – Chi Square = 16.00 p<.001


Study #2: Starting August 2018. Measuring the Impact of Sleep Deprivation as an Analog for Stress on Emotional Reactivity and Resilience using Face2Face™ emotional analysis systems.

─ Interpersonal Emotion Lab with Dr. Nathaniel Herr


Proof-of-Concept Clinical Study with Boston VA Healthcare System (Behavioral Science Division)

Starting mid-August 2018, a study in which we collect data from two groups of 25 subjects: one identified as having PTSD and the other PTSD-free, in order to establish the relationship between the presence of PTSD and evidence of involuntary emotional self-regulation in response to a set of 100 stimulus pictures with established degrees of emotional valance and arousal. This study will include a split-half design to explore if the subjects' levels of PTSD not only predict their reactivity to the stimulus pictures but their reactivity to the stimulus pictures will predict the subject's levels of PTSD.


─ Dr. Brian Marx, VA Boston


Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial with Carrier Clinic, Belle Mead, NJ

Starting mid-July 2018, a Proof-of-concept study of with 60 patients in early recovery from substance abuse. Clinician-facilitated sessions will be conducted in-person and by telehealth, using Facial Microexpressions of Emotion (FMEEs) as the clinical tool to impact measure the incidence of relapse. The study will be conducted under the auspices of a leading academic institution, Rutgers University. Upon completion, Carrier Clinic will initiate a larger study with 300-500 private practice patients. Carrier Clinic is the largest Mental Health facility in New Jersey.


─ Donald Parker, Carrier Clinic President & CEO

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) held a poster session during their Annual Convention (May 7, 2018) at the Javits Center in NYC. Face2Face™ was presented and well received (Poster #3591).

PDF Poster

Executive Team

Committed to advancing mental healthcare

bill dalelio

Dr. William d’Alelio

Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. d’Alelio specializes in psychotherapy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Program Development for Psychological Treatment. He has over 35 years of experience in Clinical Psychology. He received his PhD from University of Miami Coral Gables in 1983, with specialized training in PTSD Crisis Intervention at The Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute of The University of California.

bob brechter

Bob Brechter

Vandyck Churchill, Ltd.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brechter is a seasoned financial services executive, with extensive product development, strategic consulting and entrepreneurial experience. Bob is also known as the developer of the original Visa Gold card at Merrill Lynch and as an executive with the credit card company MBNA America. His BA in economics is from St. Lawrence University. His MBA in finance, marketing and international business is from Columbia University.

john kilmer

John Kilmer

Founder, CEO, & Chairman

Mr. Kilmer is the founder of Future Life and is dedicated to providing low cost telehealth solutions towards improving quality of life to veterans, active-duty soldiers, and their families. He is responsible for overseeing transactions, marketing, management, operations, and finance. He has over twelve years of experience financing small businesses and private investments.

david rothman

David Rothman

CME Acuity Rx, LLC

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Rothman has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has successful track record in the development and marketing of new pharmaceuticals. He holds a BA in Chemistry from Hofstra University, MS in Organic Chemistry from NYU, and MBA in Marketing from Seton Hall University.

joel bradus

Joel Bradus

The Concierge, Inc.

Chief of Business Development & Sales Officer

Mr. Bradus has served as the head of quanitative analysis at Pfizer. He was in charge of sales and marketing analytics at Schering-Plough, and involved in the business development and successful launch of Dendrite in the US. He earned a B.A. from Brooklyn College, MBA from Baruch College, and APC from St. Johns University.

In Memory of

john mayhugh

John Mayhugh

Community Outreach Specialist

John Mayhugh had a strong background within the Washington, D.C. community.

His networking expertise provided Future Life with strong local and regional networks for outreach.

FutureLife.US supports the John P. Mayhugh Foundation.

andrew ramsey

Andrew Ramsey

Director of Software Development

Formerly: SAIC, US Army

Mr. Ramsey was responsible for development of the Face2Face™ microexpression analytics platform. 

Board of Directors

john kilmer

John Kilmer


Chairman of the Board

Chief Executive Officer

bill dalelio

Dr. William d’Alelio

Chief Clinical Officer

Co-founder of Future Life

Ben King

Director of Veterans Affairs & Operations

Founder, CEO & President:

Armor Down

Mindful Memorial Day Foundation

Honor Brigade

Board of Advisors

Our advisors provide invaluable expertise in the areas of psychology, business management, government contracting, and marketing.


Dr. David Matsumoto

Emotional Recognition Advisor

Mr. Matsumoto is the President of Humintell and foremost leader of research and education of micro expression and emotion analysis. Dr. Matsumoto provides experience in facial emotional recognition and its relation to algorithm development.

Leo Gureff

Legal Advisor

Mr. Gureff is an attorney specializing in technology transactions and intellectual property. He provides strategic counseling for intellectual property assets as well as structuring and negotiating technology transactions, joint ventures, and agreements.

John Kristoff

Senior Consultant

Mr. Kristoff develops and manages the strategic engagement plan for Federal & DoD Business. He is the former Director of DoD Passenger Traffic Carrier Contract Negotiations at MTMC for the movement of all DoD uniformed & civilian personnel worldwide. He served as  the Transportation / Logistics lead on the Joint Forces Team  that designed and implemented Phase I of the Panama Canal Treaty. He has secured and managed Federal contracts for the outfitting of the 1980 Winter Olympic Village, Lake Placid, NY; the DoD full transportation system in support of the 1987 Pan American Games; and secure VIP transportation movements in support of national political conventions. A DoD Certified Senior Level Strategic Mobility Manager and International Transportation and Logistics Manager. Mr. Kristoff provides support to the Office of the CEO.

Dr. Paul Heinzelmann MD, MPH

Telemedicine Advisor

Physician and Healthcare Entrepreneur. Dr. Heinzelmann works at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is an invaluable resource with regard to the telemedicine industry. He started RemoteCare Solution LLC in 2007. Graduate of Harvard University School of Public Health. Dr. Heinzelmann will assist in providing a greater understanding of the current state of telemedicine.

Jorge Franceshi MSH, CCRC, RDN

CNS Trials Advisor

Mr. Franceschi has been involved in psychiatric clinical trials for over 17 years . During that time he has had roles in operations, clinical, business development, finances, and market intelligence for Phase I-IV research. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and University of North Florida.


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